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Transform campaigns
into conversations

Orchestrate personalized communications with our AI-enabled, all-in-one marketing platform.

Fueled by the power of data, automation, and AI, it's no longer just a message—it's a marketing magnet.

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Deliver personalized customer
experiences that exceed your goals


Turn your data into marketing gold

  • Activate your customer data with AI
    Stream your data into the platform and activate it to to build new audiences, score leads, orchestrate journeys, and maximize ROI.
  • Uncover key insights
    Detect new and unbiased customer insights that will help you pinpoint the perfect marketing approach.
  • Create lookalike audiences
    Build new prospect audiences based on attributes they have in common with your best customers.
Should I retarget? 50% Which channels? What product next? Who to target? What to offer? How much to spend? Prioritize this lead? 95%


Outsmart the competition with AI

  • Base decisions on science, not hunches
    Make strategic decisions based on predictions that identify trends, potential scenarios, and behaviors.
  • Unlock campaign success
    Zero-in on campaign tactics that have the highest probability for success.
  • Win back customers at risk
    Anticipate churn and give specials or discounts to audiences that signal they are about to abandon you.


Beyond campaigns, to journeys

  • Design with an Intuitive Interface
    Visually design complex journeys with drag-and-drop, no-code simplicity.
  • Craft dynamic journeys that win
    Automatically adjust the journey path based on real-time behaviors and branching logic.
  • Experiment to see what works best
    Run A/B tests on complete or partial journeys to find the optimal path. Discover what works and what doesn’t.
cross-channel marketing


Be everywhere your customers are

  • Capture attention with addressable geofencing
    Wherever your customers may be - at home or in a store - deliver personalized messages in response to their high intent signals.
  • A personal touch during life’s key moments
    Delight customers with automated outreach during life events that matter, like birthdays or moving to a new neighborhood.
  • Overcome a cookie-less world
    There's never been a better time to leverage email, digital ads, connected TV/OTT ads, in-store experiences, direct mail, and more.
  • Make direct mail a first-class citizen
    Integrate the lasting power of physical mail with the instant accessibility of digital channels.


Take action based on analytics

  • Instantly visualize campaign impact
    Watch your results as they roll in and view dashboards that spotlight the impact of your AI-powered strategies.
  • Detect high performing strategies
    Leverage the insights from high performing strategies to maximize results.
  • Uncover audience behaviors
    Pinpoint what's working and what's not with metrics that expose a granular view of your audience behaviors.
  • Let the data lead you
    Find the hidden winners by making data-driven decisions for continuous optimization.
Typical customer lifecycle Revenue Time Acquire OnboardServe Grow Retain Optimized customer LTV
compliance and privacy


We’re serious about privacy & compliance

  • Ethically-sourced data is a priority prioritizes ethically-sourced, permissioned data for targeted marketing and respects your customers’ rights.
  • We believe privacy is a non-negotiable right
    Our robust and secure data handling capabilities enable you to scale sustainably without compromise.
  • Data safety is a core value
    We pride ourselves in keeping your data safe as you create, test, and grow.
  • We make sure to meet compliancy standards
    We protect your customers' data and ensure your business stays compliant.

FAQs offers AI-powered marketing and analytics solutions for direct mail, digital ads, email and integrated cross-channel customer journeys

We are a full-service marketing technology company leveraging the power of AI to predict customer behavior. We help customers strategize and deploy their cross-channel campaigns with a focus on optimally orchestrating them to maximize results and minimize marketing spend

With our groundbreaking AI technology, we enrich a brand’s first-party data with hundreds of permissioned third-party consumer data sets to discover hidden patterns that reveal new lookalike audiences that are most likely to respond to marketing offers, predict customer behaviors to increase lifetime values, and grow brand loyalty.'s machine learning intelligence optimizes budget allocation, prioritizes high-performing media channels, and scales back those yielding less-than-perfect returns. It analyzes performance, revealing insights in real-time, and dynamically adjusts the channel mix to maximize profit. addresses key growth and marketing challenges such as ineffective audience targeting and media performance, wasted marketing spend, and low marketing productivity. Our comprehensive platform helps businesses optimize outcomes across their entire buyer journey from acquisitions to engagement to retention & loyalty. is ideal for any business that wants to harness the power of AI for marketing without the upfront infrastructure, team, and capability investments needed for real impact. Our platform is particularly well-suited for brands and agencies that are looking to a) optimize performance using data driven insights, b) cut waste in Ad spend, and c) remove siloed campaign execution & analytics. stands out from other marketing automation platforms with its real-time predictions engine, powerful media personalization tools, and adaptive customer journey orchestration.The unique capability to enhance your first-party data with third-party data attributes to drive business growth makes one of the most innovative marketing platforms in the market today. is engineered for modularity so customers can choose to activate the components that make the most sense for their unique requirements. Our robust APIs and integrations allow you to activate your first party data, generate predictive insights, and deploy these insights on other Ad platforms, your CRM/CDP systems, or your data warehouse.

You can see our currently supported integrations here Contact us at to discuss your specific integration needs.

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We take the responsibility to protect your data seriously and have built our infrastructure with this ethical commitment in mind. You can read more about our Security Policy

We offer a variety of pricing plans based on the needs and size of your business. Our current pricing is available at: Please contact us to learn more about our pricing options and to schedule a demonstration of our platform